Boulevard Tree Removal and Replacement

   Some of our residents may have noticed the town looking a little less green this year. Our streets department has removed more than 60 ash trees this spring in response to the growing Emerald Ash Borer problem in our area. We plan on removing more trees this fall. The City currently has over 300 ash trees, which are highly susceptible to the Ash Borer.

    In the next few weeks, the City will be planting 50 trees to replace the ones that were removed this spring. We have already received several calls regarding the need for more tree removals around the City. This issue is being addressed and we are removing and replacing the trees in a scheduled fashion depending on the severity of the impact on individual trees. We will continue to remove and replace the trees as needed. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact City Hall at 715-597-2207.